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What impact will Debt Relief Orders have?

What are Debt Relief Orders? What is the criteria to start a Debt Relief Order? Is the introduction of Debt Relief Orders a good idea?

Managing your money at University

How to manage your money at University. Choosing a student bank account. How to use a monthly budget plan to manage your money and avoid too much debt.

How to get a better Credit Rating

Get a better credit rating by reviewing your credit file. How to remove mistakes on your file. Get a better credit rating by paying debt you already owe.

How to get a new Bank Account

How to chose the right new bank account. Should you apply for a new bank account online or in branch? When to apply for a pre paid debit card.

How to Declare yourself Bankrupt

The steps needs to declare yourself bankrupt. The application forms you need. Do you have to go to the Court? The interview with the Official Receiver

Is a Debt Management Plan a real debt solution

If you use a Debt Management Plan does this benefit you in the long run? How much debt do you have to repay in a DMP? Why do banks favour the use of DMPs?

Judge quashes £8,000 credit card debt in ‘landmark ruling’

A woman has won a landmark legal victory after a judge wrote off her £8,000 credit card debt because she had wrongly been sold payment protection insurance (PPI).

Go Bankrupt after house is Repossessed

How to go bankrupt and write off a mortgage shortfall after your house is repossessed? Is it easy to go Bankrupt after your house is repossessed?