Will a Guarantor Loan be Written Off if I go Bankrupt?

What happens to a Guarantor Loan if you go Bankrupt? Can you continue paying the loan? What if you pay it off beforehand? What if you are a Guarantor for someone else?

What will happen to my Job if I go Bankrupt?

Which jobs are affected by Bankruptcy? Can you go Bankrupt if you are self employed or a Company Director? Are future employment prospects affected?

Can payday loans be included in Bankruptcy?

Payday loans are written off if you go Bankrupt. Is it fraud to include a payday loan? If you take a new payday loan after you go Bankrupt can this be added?

How can Bankruptcy help my family debt problems?

Going bankruptcy could leave you debt free and give your family a fresh start. Is debt written off? Is the family home at risk? How much does it cost?

Is it possible to go Bankrupt while receiving benefits?

Going Bankrupt if you are on benefits. Will you have to pay towards your debts? What does Bankruptcy cost if you get benefits? How to pay the fee.

What can I do if I cannot pay my CCJ?

Is it possible to reduce your CCJ payments? Can a CCJ be overturned by using a debt solution such as a DMP, IVA or Bankruptcy?

Will my property outside the UK be affected if I go Bankrupt?

Property owned abroad is included in Bankruptcy. Will you be forced to sell it? What if there is a lot of equity? Is it possible to hide the property?

What is a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order (BRO)?

When is a Bankruptcy Restrictions Order issued? The difference between a BRO and BRU. How will a BRO affect you? What if you get a windfall during a BRO?

What happens to my House if I go Bankrupt?

Your house is not automatically sold if you go Bankrupt. What if there is no equity? What if there is equity? How does bankruptcy affect joint property?