The affect of PPI on the length of an IVA

Will PPI claims reduce the length of an IVA? Could claims extend the length? Do you have to make PPI claims during an IVA? Claiming after IVA completed.

Claiming PPI after an IVA is finished

Claiming for mis sold PPI after an IVA is possible. Should you wait until your IVA is completed? How will the banks react? Do you need to get help?

Claiming PPI while in an IVA

Can you claim for PPI while you are in an IVA? What happens to the compensation you get? Do you have to make a claim? Can you delay until your IVA is finished?

Can I claim for PPI mis selling after my IVA has finished?

Claiming for PPI Mis Selling after your IVA is possible. Find out how the banks are likely to react. Should you get help from a Claims Management Company?

Are you unnecessarily paying a PPI claims firm?

Consumer groups and banks are urging those who have not lodged a PPI claim to do so themselves and avoid falling into the claims management trap.

If I am in an IVA do I have to make a PPI claim?

Can you be forced to make a PPI claim during an IVA? What happens to any compensation paid? Is the compensation yours after your IVA is completed?