Annual Review Stress

The last few February’s have been dominated by my annual review time. This one was no different.

First the letter drops on the mate. ‘Dear TW, it has been 12 months since we last reviewed your financial situation’…gulp! Then I have to spend time getting together the numbers and documents necessary and then the anxious wait to hear they are happy.

I don’t know why I get nervous, I have nothing to hide, if anything my living expenses have gone up in the last 12 months so my DMP payments should be reducing. I didn’t ask for that this time round because I am just about managing and I want my debts gone ASAP.

Anyway, it all went fine so now I have 12 whole months to relax before the next one!

I’m going to have a big push to cut my bills in the next month so next time I blog I will tell you how much I have saved ;-)

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