Can you Leave Debt Out of an IVA?

Do all your debts have to be included in an IVA? Is it ever possible to leave debts out? If you owe money to family can this be left out?

What happens to Overtime during an IVA?

What happens to regular overtime during an IVA? Can you keep one off overtime payments? Will overtime mean the IVA is paid early? What if you get a bonus?

Can you settle an IVA early?

How to settle an IVA early. How much cash will you require? Can you borrow the money you need? Is it possible to use a windfall to settle an IVA?

The Law Governing IVAs

The Law governing the IVA debt solution. What are the legal criteria for starting an IVA? The introduction of the IVA Protocol.

Which Debts are included in an IVA?

The debts that can be included in an IVA. Is it possible to include money owed to HMRC? Which debts cannot be included. Can you choose to keep a debt out?

What is an IVA Completion Certificate?

What is an IVA Completion Certificate? When should it be issued? What can you do if your Certificate has not been received. Reasons it could be delayed.