IVA Living Expenses Guide

IVA Living Expenses GuideIf you are applying for an IVA you will need to complete a living expenditure budget. You can get a free copy of our IVA living expenses guide here.

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Debt Solutions Living Expenses Guide

If you have a debt problem you will need to complete a living expenses budget. What types of expenditures are allowed in your budget? Where can you get a guide to your allowable living expenses? To find out more please visit http://beatmydebt.com/self-help-guides-resources/living-expenses-guide

Correctly calculating your IVA Living Expenses Budget is very important

It is very important to get your IVA Living Expenses Budget right. The total of your expenses will be used to calculate your disposable income. This is the amount you will then be expected to pay into your IVA.

If you underestimate the amount you spend on any of your expenses or miss some out completely your total budget will be too low.

If you include living expenses which are too low the amount you can pay into your Arrangement will be over estimated. You will then struggle to maintain the payments.

If you cannot maintain your payments the Arrangement will be at risk of failing. Our IVA living expenses guide will help you get your budget right.

Get a Free Copy of our IVA Living Expenses Guide

The Living Expenses Guide gives a comprehensive list of the expenses you should include in your monthly budget.

The guide also recommends the expenditure limits that you should stay within to ensure that they are acceptable to your creditors. This will increase the chance of your IVA being accepted without modification.

The guide is free. To get a copy click the “Download Living Expenses Guide” button at the top right of this page (or at the bottom if you are using your mobile).

How to use the Expenses Guide

The Guide MUST be used for guidance purposes only. Every individual’s situation is different. The acceptable figures in each category may be higher or lower than those indicated depending on your circumstances.

Some of the figures stated in the Guide may seem restrictive. However they are known to be generally accepted by banking creditors. If you want to apply for an IVA you must be prepared to live within a restricted budget

If you feel that you need to spend more than the recommended amounts you should always include these figures in your budget.

You must be prepared to justify any additional expenditure you include. You should understand that you might be asked to reduce these if they are deemed to be unacceptable.

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