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Pay Rise during Bankruptcy

What to do if you get a pay rise during Bankruptcy. Can you keep the extra money? What if you already have an IPA? The effect if you are already discharged?

Amount of debt allowed in a Debt Relief Order

Debt allowed in a Debt Relief Order increases to £20,000. Who can use a Debt Relief Order. Find out if you qualify. What are the downsides of this solution?

Get Mortgage after your IVA

Can you get a mortgage after your IVA? Get help with your mortgage application. How much can you borrow? What interest rate will you be offered?

Mortgage after Bankruptcy

How to get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy How much could you borrow and what deposit will you need? Should you use a specialist broker? How much will it cost?

New Car during a Debt Management Plan

Can you buy a new car during a Debt Management Plan. How to get a car loan during the Plan. Can you reduce or suspend your payments to pay for a new car?

New Payday Loan if Bankrupt

Are you allowed to get a Payday loan while Bankrupt? Is it a good idea? Can the new loan be added to your Bankruptcy? How to avoid borrowing while Bankrupt.

The affect of PPI on the length of an IVA

Will PPI claims reduce the length of an IVA? Could claims extend the length? Do you have to make PPI claims during an IVA? Claiming after IVA completed.

Personal debt problems during 2014 are lowest for 10 years

Why did the number of people with debt problems fall in 2014? Despite this IVA numbers increased to record levels – Why? Will the overall trend continue?

Reasonable Housekeeping Budget for a DMP

Housekeeping budget guidelines for a Debt Management Plan. What if you spend more than the recommended amounts. Can you include children over 18?

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