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Personal Guarantee – Options after your company is closed

What is a personal guarantee? When do you become personally liable for this debt? Options for dealing with personal guarantees after business failure.

Utility bills and Bankruptcy

How do you pay utility bills if you go bankrupt? Are utility bill arrears written off? Can you keep paying your mobile phone? What about car insurance?

Car finance and an IVA

Can you keep paying car finance during an IVA? Could you include the debt in the Arrangement? Getting car finance during an IVA. Other forms of finance?

IVA Annual Review

What is an IVA Annual Review. What information will I have to provide. What if I earned more or expenses have fallen. What if I cannot afford my payment.

Gambling debt in an IVA

Can Gambling Debt be included in an IVA .Do you have to prove you are no longer gambling. What if you have gambled recently.

Can my IVA Payments Increase

Is it possible for your IVA payments to increase? What happens if your income goes up? What if your living expenses fall? Can IVA payments ever go down?

Will I lose my equity in Bankruptcy

Do I lose my home equity in bankruptcy? What happens with joint equity? Can I avoid losing my home? Do I have alternatives?

Paying family debt in an IVA.

Can you include family debt in an IVA. What happens if I exclude them? Can i keep paying them? Is it better to pay them after the IVA ends?

Remortgage to pay off IVA Early

Can you remortgage to pay off an IVA early? How much do you need to raise? Is there sufficient equity in your property? What will your new mortgage cost?