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Rent arrears and bankruptcy

Can rent arrears be included if you go bankrupt? What if you rent from the council or housing association. Issues if you rent privately.

Council tax debt and IVA

Can council tax debt be included in an IVA? What happens to your bill for this year? Is a joint bill written off?

What happens to disability benefits if you go bankrupt

Do you lose your disability benefits if you go bankrupt? Will you have to make payments towards your debts? Can you keep a back payment?

Affect of a pay rise in an IVA – Cost of living 2023 Guide

Will your IVA payments go up after you get a pay rise? Is the length of your IVA reduced? Can you hide your pay rise from your IVA company?

What happens if my wages go up during my IVA

When your wages go up will your IVA payment increase? Is your IVA paid off faster? Could you end up paying more than you originally owed?

Will my partner’s house be affected if I go bankrupt

Is your partner’s house at risk if you go bankrupt? What if you have given your share of a property to your partner?

Pet expenditure allowances if you go bankrupt – 2022 Guide

What food expenses can you include for your pets in bankruptcy? What if you spend more? Can you include vets bills and insurance?

Feedback – What our clients say about us

Feedback from our clients. Find out what our customers thought of the service we provided to them and what they say about us.

Bankruptcy or IVA – which is best

Bankruptcy or IVA – Affect on your home. Which is worse for your credit rating? Can you keep your car? Upfront cost and monthly payments