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Can you pay your IVA early by making bigger payments

What happens if you make bigger IVA payments? Do you have to increase your payments if you can? How can you pay an IVA early?

I can’t pay my IVA – what can I do?

The options if you can’t pay your IVA. Can you reduce your payments? Should you take a payment break? Can you stop the IVA and do something else?

What happens to a Windfall during a DMP

What is a windfall? Can you keep any windfall received during the Plan? Could you use it to settle your Plan early?

The minimum payment for a DMP

What is the minimum payment for a DMP? Can you increase the payment once agreed? What if you cannot afford the minimum? What are the other options?

I can’t pay my credit card – what can I do

The best way to solve credit card debt problems. Consolidation loan – is this a sensible option? Should you use a debt management solution?

Bankruptcy Income Payment Order (IPO)

What is a bankruptcy Income Payment Order (IPO)? IPO v IPA. How are the payments calculated and how long do they last? What if your income changes?

How long does it take to set up an IVA

How long does an IVA application take? When do you get protection from creditors? What can you tell them in the mean time? How to speed up the process.

The best way to a debt free Christmas

Avoid getting into debt this Christmas. How to work out what you have available to spend. How to set a Christmas spending budget and stick to it.

Insider tips – How to go Bankrupt

Essential tips on how to go Bankrupt. Should you sell your car beforehand? Do you need to change your bank account? Will you have to make ongoing payments?