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Can I include rent arrears in an IVA?

Can I include rent arrears in an IVA? Current landlord? Previous property? Clearing arrears and maintaining ongoing rent payments.

Can debt be written off with a DMP?

DMP debt write off? Debt write off during a DMP with a lump sum. How much can be written off. Options for getting a lump sum together.

Can HMRC debt be included in a Debt Management Plan

Will HMRC agree to a Debt Management Plan? Can you leave tax debt out of your Plan? What alternative solutions are available?

The problems with debt management

The problems with Debt Management. How long to pay your debt off? Interest, charges, costs and credit rating? Legal protection for you and your home.

Which payments are lower – IVA or bankruptcy

Are IVA payments lower than bankruptcy payments? How are they both calculated? Why pay an IVA for 5 years rather than go bankrupt?

What happens if I get a new debt during my IVA

If you get a new debt during an IVA there are different options. Pay it off with a payment break. Add it to the Arrangement. Cancel IVA and start again.

What is the best debt solution

Find out which is the best debt solution for you. Should you start a Debt Management Plan? What about an IVA? Could Bankruptcy be the best option?

Can I include a Payday Loan in an IVA

Is it possible to include a payday loan in an IVA? How to stop your payday loan repayments. Will you be accused of fraud?

I can’t afford my rent – What are my options?

What can you do if you can’t afford the rent. Finding the root cause of the problem. Explore income & benefits and reducing expenses. Reduce debt payments?