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IVA Annual Review

What is an IVA Annual Review. What information will I have to provide. What if I earned more or expenses have fallen. What if I cannot afford my payment.

Can my IVA Payments Increase

Your IVA payments can change if your circumstances change. What if my pay increases or decreases? What if I lose my job? What if my living expenses change?

Will I lose my equity in Bankruptcy

Do I lose my home equity in bankruptcy? What happens with joint equity? Can I avoid losing my home? Do I have alternatives?

Remortgage to pay off IVA Early

Can you remortgage to pay off an IVA early? How much do you need to raise? Is there sufficient equity in your property? What will your new mortgage cost?

Company Director and IVA

Can you do an IVA if you are a company director? What happens to company debts? How will your company be affected? Alternative debt solutions for directors.

Affect on my credit rating – DMP or IVA

Affect on my credit rating? Is an IVA or DMP worse for my credit rating? What if I do neither solution? Can I stop any affect on my Credit Rating?

Can I reduce my IVA Payments?

Are you allowed to reduce your IVA payments? When is this possible? What is the likely impact? What can you do if your payments cannot be reduced?

Can I stop paying my IVA and declare myself Bankrupt?

Can you stop paying an IVA and go Bankrupt? When is bankruptcy a better option? Will you lose the IVA payments you have already made?

My IVA is failing, what can I do?

What can you do if your IVA is failing? Should you take a payment holiday? Can your payments be reduced? What are the options if your IVA fails?