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I have moved to Europe. Can I still go bankrupt in the UK

Are you allowed to go bankrupt in the UK after moving to Europe? How will it affect you? Will you have to make payments towards your debts?

Guarantor loan. Is a Debt Management Plan suitable

Can you include a guarantor loan in a debt management plan? Are you allowed to leave it out? Could your guarantor also start a DMP?

Joint debt management plan

Is a joint debt management plan possible? How are the monthly payments calculated? What if you split up during a joint DMP?

Is my house affected by a debt management plan

Do you have to sell your house or release equity in a DMP? Is your mortgage affected? Can your creditors secure debt against your property?

Is a CCJ written off if you go Bankrupt

What happens to a CCJ if you go bankrupt? Can the CCJ record be removed from your credit file? Can the creditor still take action against you?

What debts can you include in a debt management plan

Types of debts you can include in a DMP. Which can’t be included? Can you choose to leave any out? The minimum amount you have to include.

Home repossessed – Options for managing a mortgage shortfall

After a property is repossessed, can you pay a mortgage shortfall with a debt management plan or IVA? Will going bankrupt write off the debt?

How fast can I go bankrupt

Is the bankruptcy application process fast? When will creditors and bailiffs stop chasing you? What happens after you are bankrupt?

How to get credit after an IVA

How to improve your credit rating after an IVA. Can you get car finance. Applying for a mortgage. When can you get a bank overdraft?