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What is the best debt solution

Find out which is the best debt solution for you. Should you start a Debt Management Plan? What about an IVA? Could Bankruptcy be the best option?

Can I include a Payday Loan in an IVA

Is it possible to include a payday loan in an IVA? How to stop your payday loan repayments. Will you be accused of fraud?

I can’t afford my rent – What are my options?

What can you do if you can’t afford the rent. Finding the root cause of the problem. Explore income & benefits and reducing expenses. Reduce debt payments?

Will you lose your pension if you go bankrupt

What happens to pension payments you already get if you go bankrupt? Is your pension fund at risk? Can you be forced to withdraw funds?

How is home equity affected if you do an IVA

Will you have to release any home equity if you do an IVA. How much are you expected to release? What if there is no equity in your property?

Can you pay your IVA early by making bigger payments

What happens if you make bigger IVA payments? Do you have to increase your payments if you can? How can you pay an IVA early?

I can’t afford to pay my IVA – what can I do?

The options if you can’t pay your IVA. Can you reduce your payments? Should you take a payment break? Can you stop the IVA and do something else?

What happens to a Windfall during a DMP

What is a windfall? Can you keep any windfall received during the Plan? Could you use it to settle your Plan early?

The minimum payment for a DMP

What is the minimum payment for a DMP? Can you increase the payment once agreed? What if you cannot afford the minimum? What are the other options?