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Bankruptcy or IVA – which is best

Bankruptcy or IVA – Affect on your home. Which is worse for your credit rating? Can you keep your car? Upfront cost and monthly payments

Bankruptcy spending restrictions – 2022 Guide

What are the bankruptcy spending restrictions for 2022? Do you keep control of your money when bankrupt? What if you need to spend more?

Can council tax be included in bankruptcy

Is council tax debt written off if you go bankrupt? Does a joint account holder still have to pay? What happens to this year’s bill?

Is it possible to change my IVA payments

Can you change your IVA payments to pay less? What if your IVA company won’t help? Will your IVA end sooner if you pay more?

Can I change my IVA to a different solution

How do you change your IVA to a different solution? How much will you still owe? Should you change to a debt management plan or go bankrupt?

I have mortgage arrears what can I do

How can debt management help pay mortgage arrears? Can your lender reduce your payments? What happens if you simply can’t pay your mortgage?

Should you save if you are in debt

Is it better to save or pay off your debts? How much should you put aside each month? How can you save if you are struggling with debt?

Can you keep inheritance if you are in a debt management plan

What happens to if you get inheritance during a debt management plan? Can you pay off your debt? What if you can’t afford to pay everyone?

How to settle a debt management plan early

How much do you have to pay to settle your debt management plan early? When is the best time to do it? Can you settle debts one at a time?