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Can I cancel my Creditfix IVA

How do you legally cancel your Creditfix IVA? Will Creditfix make you bankrupt? What are your options after your IVA is cancelled?

Debt management living expenses amounts – 2023 Guide

Living expenses amounts for a debt management plan. Do you have to stick to the amounts? What if your creditors disagree with your budget?

IVA Payments – The Ultimate Guide

The ultimate guide to IVA payments. How are they calculated and are they fixed. What happens if you earn more? Can they go down?

Bankruptcy: A Beginner’s Guide

The ultimate guide to UK bankruptcy including: How long it lasts. What happens to your house and car. Implications if you are self employed.

IVA: A Beginner’s Guide

The ultimate guide to the IVA debt solution including: Who can use it. How long it lasts. How much the payments will be and can they change.

Cancel my IVA and pay the debts myself

Is it legally possible to cancel an IVA? How much debt will you still have to pay? Can you pay off the debt yourself?

Electric and gas arrears in an IVA

Can you included electric and gas arrears in an IVA? What if your bills are in joint names? How do you pay future bills?

Rent arrears and bankruptcy

Can rent arrears be included if you go bankrupt? What if you rent from the council or housing association. Issues if you rent privately.

Council tax debt and IVA

Can council tax debt be included in an IVA? What happens to your bill for this year? Is a joint bill written off?