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Can’t pay my mortgage after my payment break ends

Options if you can’t pay your mortgage after the coronavirus payment break. How can your lender help? Reduce other debt payments to free cash

Can I add a debt after I go bankrupt

What happens if you discover a forgotten debt after you go bankrupt? Can a mortgage or car finance shortfall be added later? What if you get a new debt?

Can’t pay my mortgage, will an IVA help

An IVA can help if you cannot pay your mortgage. Will it be easier to make the mortgage payments? How is your home protected? Do you have to release equity?

Can a payday loan be included in a Debt Management Plan

Are payday loan payments reduced by a DMP? Can you leave the loan out of your Plan? Is it possible to get a payday loan during a DMP?

I am self employed and have a debt problem. What can I do?

Using an IVA if you are self employed. Should you think about going bankrupt? Is a Debt Management Plan and option?

Should I wait for my creditors to make me Bankrupt

Will your creditors make you Bankrupt? Is it better to do it yourself? Which creditors are likely to take this action against you?

What if I get a pay rise during my Debt Management Plan

Do you have to increase your payments after getting a pay rise? Can you save the extra money? Could you change to a different solution?

Tax debt – Is an IVA or Bankruptcy best

Can tax debt be included in an IVA? Is this debt written off if you go bankrupt? What about using a debt management plan?

Can I save while in a Debt Management Plan

Saving in a DMP is allowed but how do you do it? How much can you save? Should you increase your payments rather than save?