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Bankruptcy 9 Months in

Hi there Well it is now 9 months since I went bankrupt. With any luck it is only 3 months until I am discharged……. The time really has passed quickly. So what has been going on? Well I have been paying my income payment agreement of £100 per month on time. My wife and I […]

Meeting with the Official Receiver

Hi again So its now over 3 months since I was made Bankrupt. Time really flies and I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made. I thought I would write a bit about my meeting with the Official Receiver. That was what I was really worrying about and I expect […]

I am officially Bankrupt!

Good morning The last time I wrote I was waiting to open my new bank account with the Co-op before I went bankrupt. The service was pretty good and I got my account details and debit card through the post at the end of last week. They asked me if I would like to use […]

Bankruptcy Forms Completed

Hi again Last time I wrote I said we were going to talk to my parents about borrowing money and I had put my car up for sale, well it sold and my parents have agreed to lend us the money to buy back my share of the equity in the house with the agreement […]

I have made the decision to go Bankrupt!

Hi again Well I managed to talk to my wife and explain the situation to her, I poured her a glass of wine first! I will say one thing, if you are reading this and are in a similar situation talk to your other half if you can as soon as you can. I am […]

Feeling a bit more in control

Hi all So I spoke with James from Beat My Debt at the end of last week and I have to say it was a very interesting and refreshing conversation. At last someone who i feel knows what they are talking about and is on my side…. I feel I have much more clarity on […]

I have reached a point where I cannot cope

Hello, I have been struggling with debt problems for a couple of years now and have now reached the point where I really cannot cope on my own. It all started with suddenly losing my finance job a few years ago and since then it’s just gone from bad to worse.  We had a personal […]