Can I add a debt after I go bankrupt

What happens if you discover a forgotten debt after you go bankrupt? Can a mortgage or car finance shortfall be added later? What if you get a new debt?

What if my income changes while I am Bankrupt?

What if your income changes (either increases or falls) during Bankruptcy? Can you keep any overtime or bonuses you get? How often is your income reviewed?

Receiving a windfall during Bankruptcy

Can I keep a windfall received while I am bankrupt? Will it mean the bankruptcy ends early? What if I get a windfall after bankruptcy

Pay Rise during Bankruptcy

What to do if you get a pay rise during Bankruptcy. Can you keep the extra money? What if you already have an IPA? The effect if you are already discharged?

Mortgage after Bankruptcy

How to get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy How much could you borrow and what deposit will you need? Should you use a specialist broker? How much will it cost?

New Payday Loan if Bankrupt

Are you allowed to get a Payday loan while Bankrupt? Is it a good idea? Can the new loan be added to your Bankruptcy? How to avoid borrowing while Bankrupt.

If I am Bankrupt can I move to a new address?

Moving home can be difficult during bankruptcy. Can you buy a property? Can you rent your property out? Options for moving to different rented property.

What happens to a personal injury payment if I am Bankrupt?

Personal injury compensation is a windfall in Bankruptcy. Can you keep any of the money received? Can you keep a payout received after you are discharged?

Discharged from Bankruptcy

What does Discharged from Bankruptcy mean? Can you be discharged early? Could your discharge ever be delayed? What happens after you are discharged?