Could choosing an IVA over bankruptcy be a costly mistake?

Number of people with debt problems increases in Q2 2013. Bankruptcy numbers fall. Are people avoiding Bankruptcy due to the upfront cost. Is this a mistake?

Go Bankrupt for Free

Can you go Bankrupt for free? Could you borrow the money you need? Selling your car to pay for bankruptcy. Should you wait for your creditors to do it?

How do I pay for the cost of going Bankrupt?

Options for paying the Bankruptcy Court fees. How to save the fee. Can you borrow the fee? Could you downsize your car to pay for bankruptcy?

Is the cost of Bankruptcy forcing people into Debt Management?

Is the rising cost of Bankruptcy forcing people into Debt Management? Is there a cheaper alternative? Calls for reduced bankruptcy fees.

Could the cost of going Bankrupt rise again?

A major overhaul of the bankruptcy fee structure is needed, the Insolvency Service has warned

What happens when you can’t afford the price of Bankruptcy?

Debt-laden Britons are faced with a frightening new question – can they afford to go bankrupt?

Cost of bankruptcy to rise to £700

The Insolvency Service is set to increase bankruptcy petition fees by a further £75 on June 1 2011.

The cost of Bankruptcy rises again

The cost for a consumer to petition their own bankruptcy will increase by £25 to £625 from 4th April 2011.

I cannot afford the Bankruptcy Court Fee

The up front fee can be a barrier to going bankrupt. Is it possible to save the fee? Is there a cheaper alternative to Bankruptcy?