Is a CCJ written off if you go Bankrupt

What happens to a CCJ if you go bankrupt? Can the CCJ record be removed from your credit file? Can the creditor still take action against you?

Can a CCJ be statute barred

What does statute barred debt mean? Does a CCJ stop a debt becoming statute barred? Will hiding mean a CCJ becomes unenforceable?

Can a CCJ be included in a Debt Management Plan

Why is it difficult to add a CCJ to a DMP? Can you pay the debt separately? Are there better debt solutions for dealing with a CCJ?

Dealing with County Court Judgments

What should you do if you receive a CCJ admission form? What if you cannot afford to pay a CCJ? What happens if you refuse to pay a CCJ?

How can I be forced to pay a CCJ

What is an Attachment of Earnings. Securing a CCJ debt with a charging order. How to reduce your CCJ payments.

How will a CCJ affect my home

What happens if you are a home owner and get a County Court Judgement (CCJ)? Will you then get a Charging Order? How will a Charging Order affect your property?

Can’t pay my CCJ – what can I do

Options if you can’t pay a CCJ. Apply to pay based on reduced payments. Use an IVA or go bankrupt. What happens if you don’t pay the debt?

How to Change a CCJ payment

It is possible to change the amount you pay each month towards a CCJ. How to redetermine a payment within 14 days. How to vary a CCJ payment.

What is a CCJ – County Court Judgment

What is a CCJ and how will it affect you? Action you can take if you receive a Judgment claim form. What if you can’t pay the debt owed?