How debt management solutions affect your credit rating

Information about how your credit rating will be affected if you start a DMP, IVA or go bankrupt.

Which has a worse affect on my credit rating – DMP or IVA

Why is your credit rating important? DMP or IVA – which has a worse affect on my credit rating? Can debt be managed with no affect on my credit rating?

How different debt solutions affect your credit score

How will a Debt Management Plan affect your credit rating? Will your credit rating be affected any worse if you start an IVA or go Bankrupt?

Your Credit Rating

What is your credit rating and how can you find out what it is? What will make it become worse? How to improve your credit score.

Will the people I live with be affected by my debt?

The people you live with should not be directly affected by your debts. Could they become responsible for your debt? Will their credit rating be affected?

Can I use the first time buyer loan scheme if poor credit?

In the Budget this week, the government launched a new loan scheme designed to help first time home buyers get a foot on the housing ladder. We review whether the scheme will help those people who have a poor credit rating.

How does Bankruptcy affect other peoples Credit Rating?

Can the credit rating of people you live with ever be affected by your Bankruptcy? How can people you live with resolve credit rating mistakes?

How will a Debt Relief Order affect my credit rating?

You credit rating will be affected if you start a DRO. How long will it be effected? What credit can be used during a DRO? Can you get a mortgage after a DRO?

Credit Rating and Bankruptcy

How long is your Credit Rating affected by Bankruptcy? Is it worse than other solutions? What credit can you use? Can you get a mortgage after Bankruptcy?