How to get a new bank account if your credit rating is poor

It is possible to open a new bank account if you have a poor credit rating. What is a basic bank account? Will you get a Debit Card?

How debt management solutions affect your credit rating

Information about how your credit rating will be affected if you start a debt management solution such as a DMP, IVA or declare yourself bankrupt.

Could your housemate’s credit rating affect your mortgage

Credit reference agency Experian has revised plans to include rent payment history on people’s credit records, after it was revealed that people’s credit ratings could be affected by other tenants in the household.

Free credit reports for all closer to reality

Callcredit has successfully trialled out Noddle, its free credit report service

Callcredit to offer free credit report

Loan seekers will be able to see their credit history without paying using Callcredit’s new online service

Can I use the first time buyer loan scheme if poor credit?

In the Budget this week, the government launched a new loan scheme designed to help first time home buyers get a foot on the housing ladder. We review whether the scheme will help those people who have a poor credit rating.

How does Bankruptcy affect other peoples Credit Rating?

Can the credit rating of people you live with ever be affected by your Bankruptcy? How can people you live with resolve credit rating mistakes?

How will a Debt Relief Order affect my credit rating?

You credit rating will be affected if you start a DRO. How long will it be effected? What credit can be used during a DRO? Can you get a mortgage after a DRO?

Will the people I live with be affected by my debt?

The people you live with should not be directly affected by your debts. Could they become responsible for your debt? Will their credit rating be affected?