The Debt Collection Process

What is the standard debt collection process? When will a Bailiff be used? How to prevent a Bailiff visiting your home.

Can’t pay my CCJ – what can I do

Options if you can’t pay a CCJ. Apply to pay based on reduced payments. Use an IVA or go bankrupt. What happens if you don’t pay the debt?

How to Change a CCJ payment

It is possible to change the amount you pay each month towards a CCJ. How to redetermine a payment within 14 days. How to vary a CCJ payment.

What is a CCJ – County Court Judgment

What is a CCJ and how will it affect you? Action you can take if you receive a Judgment claim form. What if you can’t pay the debt owed?

How will a CCJ affect me

What happens if you do not pay a CCJ? How is your Credit Rating affected? Who will find out about the CCJ? What are the implications for your home?

When is a Debt Statute Barred

When does a debt become Statute Barred? Are any debts enforceable past 6 years? Which debts can never become statute barred?

Statute Barred Debt

What is statute barred debt? When is debt statute barred? How to deal with a debt that is statute barred. Can creditors prevent debt being statute barred?

CCJ – Can a creditor force me to pay?

How can a creditor enforce a CCJ? Applying for an Attachment of Earnings. Applying for a Charge against your property. How to reduce CCJ payments

Use of County Court Judgments increasing in 2014

Number of CCJs rises by 100,000 in the first half of 2014. Why is the number increasing? What is the affect of a CCJ? Options if a CCJ is issued against you.