Debt Relief Order Living Expenses Guide

A guide to the living expenses allowed if you are starting a Debt Relief Order. Get a copy of our comprehensive living expenses guide.

Can I use a Debt Relief Order

What are the Debt Relief Order qualification criteria? How much debt do you need? What is your income allowed to be? How much can your assets be worth?

Debt Relief Order acceptance criteria

The main acceptance criteria for a Debt Relief Order. The maximum debt and surplus income you are allowed. Can you own a property or car?

If I do a Debt Relief Order will my belongings be taken

You can keep all your reasonable possessions if you start a Debt Relief Order. What is reasonable? What about your car? What if you are a home owner?

What happens in a Debt Relief Order if my finances improve?

If your finances improve during a DRO Debt Relief Order it could fail. What happens if disposable income goes above £50? What income is included in a DRO?

How will a Debt Relief Order affect my credit rating?

You credit rating will be affected if you start a DRO. How long will it be effected? What credit can be used during a DRO? Can you get a mortgage after a DRO?

The Cost of a Debt Relief Order

What is the cost of a DRO? Do you have to make ongoing payments towards your debts? What if you receive a windfall during your DRO?

How to Get a Debt Relief Order

Find out how to get a Debt Relief Order. Identify an approved intermediary. Review your circumstances. Submit the application. DRO lasts for 12 months.

What is a Debt Relief Order?

A DRO is a personal debt solution available the UK excluding Scotland. Debt written off in full after 12 months. The differences between a DRO and Bankruptcy.