Debt Relief Order Living Expenses Guide

A guide to the living expenses allowed if you are starting a Debt Relief Order. Get a copy of our comprehensive living expenses guide.

Do you qualify for a Debt Relief Order

The maximum debt to qualify for a debt relief order. What can you afford to pay? Can you be a home owner? What is your car worth?

Amount of debt allowed in a Debt Relief Order

Debt allowed in a Debt Relief Order increases to £20,000. Who can use a Debt Relief Order. Find out if you qualify. What are the downsides of this solution?

25% of Debt Relief Orders started by young people

Young families running into debts rely on Debt Relief Orders (DRO). How a Debt Relief Order works. Who can qualify?

High demand for Debt Relief Orders in Northern Ireland

Demand for Debt Relief Orders (DROs) in Northern Ireland was more than double the UK average during the first month of their availability in the region according to CCCS

More people can now use Debt Relief Orders

A change to insolvency legislation will expand access to the Debt Relief Order regime to those with an approved pension, the government has announced.

If I do a Debt Relief Order will my belongings be taken

You can keep all your reasonable possessions if you start a Debt Relief Order. What is reasonable? What about your car? What if you are a home owner?

What happens in a Debt Relief Order if my finances improve?

If your finances improve during a DRO Debt Relief Order it could fail. What happens if disposable income goes above £50? What income is included in a DRO?

How will a Debt Relief Order affect my credit rating?

You credit rating will be affected if you start a DRO. How long will it be effected? What credit can be used during a DRO? Can you get a mortgage after a DRO?