I can’t pay my credit card – what can I do

The best way to solve credit card debt problems. Consolidation loan – is this a sensible option? Should you use a debt management solution?

The best way to a debt free Christmas

Avoid getting into debt this Christmas. How to work out what you have available to spend. How to set a Christmas spending budget and stick to it.

Top Money Management Tips

Sound money management advice to control your finances. Understanding your income and outgoings. Controlling your expenses. How to live within a budget.

Use a Money Diary to control your spending

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Calculate your Disposable Income

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Living Expenses Guide

A comprehensive guide to the living expenses allowed if you want to implement a Debt Management solution. Get a free copy of our living expenses guide.

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In debt after Christmas – what can I do?

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Prevent personal debt with better financial management

One in four consumers is in urgent need of a financial plan if they are to avoid falling into debt in 2012, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has warned.