Can I include rent arrears in an IVA?

Can I include rent arrears in an IVA? Current landlord? Previous property? Clearing arrears and maintaining ongoing rent payments.

I can’t afford my rent – What are my options?

What can you do if you can’t afford the rent. Finding the root cause of the problem. Explore income & benefits and reducing expenses. Reduce debt payments?

The best ways to deal with Rent Arrears

How can rent arrears be resolved? Can you increase your income? Make savings in other areas. Prioritise your rent payments over debts. Use a debt solution.

The rented property Eviction Process

When can you be evicted from your property? The eviction process for private and social rented property. Are rent arrears still payable after eviction?

How to deal with existing Rent Arrears

Tips and advice on how to pay your rent on time and repay existing arrears. Can a Debt Management solution help? How to negotiate with your landlord.

How to avoid Rent Arrears

Advice and tips for avoiding rent arrears. Options for increasing your income or reducing expenses to free up cash. Can you use a Debt Management solution?

Rent Arrears

How to avoid rent arrears. Solutions for dealing with existing rent arrears. What is the eviction process. Are you liable for rent arrears after eviction?

Increasing numbers of Renters face financial problems

The number of tenants in severe financial difficulty rose by 8% in the second quarter of 2012, according to figures released by LSL Property Services Group.

What to do if you are struggling with debt after a rent rise

There are options if you are struggling to pay your rent. Can you reduce other expenses? Can Debt Management help? What if you already have arrears?