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Settle Debt Early in a Debt Management Plan

Can you settle debt early during a debt management plan? The best time to do this. How much cash do you need? Do all debts have to be settled at same time?

IVA Protocol fails to halt modifications

Creditors are imposing modifications on almost all individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) proposals despite the implementation of the IVA protocol, a report from the Insolvency Service has shown.

I am self employed and have a debt problem. What can I do?

If you are self employed and struggling with debt should you use a Debt Management Plan? Could you start an IVA? Can you go Bankrupt if self employed?

How will a DMP or IVA affect my credit rating?

Both a Debt Management Plan and Individual Voluntary Arrangement will negatively affect your Credit Rating. Credit Rating differences between IVA and DMP.

Reducing personal debt levels in the UK must be a priority

Why have personal debt levels grown so large in the UK? How have many people avoided financial disaster? How to prevent debt problems in the future?

Should creditors petition for debtor’s Bankruptcy?

Is the threat of bankruptcy as worrying as it used to be? Reducing house prices have made bankruptcy easier. Has bankruptcy become more acceptable?

Are high levels of Personal Debt a problem?

When does personal debt become a problem? Reasons why personal debt can get out of control. How to resolve a personal debt problem

Lenders ignoring Mortgage Pre Action Protocol

Mortgage lenders are failing to follow new rules designed to help people avoid repossession. Repossession safeguards need to be strengthened

I have mortgage arrears what can I do?

Manage mortgage arrears by asking your lender to reduce the payments. Use debt management to resolve mortgage arrears. Is voluntary repossession an option?