Senior Debt Expert – James Falla

James Falla Debt ExpertJames Falla is a debt management expert, author and FCA approved person. He has over 19 years experience of implementing solutions for people who are struggling with personal debt throughout the UK.

In 2004 James co founded Thomas Charles the specialist debt management solutions company where he personally helped over 1000 clients implement Individual Voluntary Arrangements and other personal debt solutions.

James is now the managing director of and senior debt advisor for Wilmott Turner Financial Services which provides debt advice and solutions for both individuals and companies. The business operates debt solution websites such as BeatMyDebt, BankruptcyExpert and CompanyDebtAdvice

As well as appearing on numerous television and radio programmes such as the BBC 1 o’clock news, Sky News and BBC Radio’s Wake Up to Money, James has written a well received book about personal debt solutions: IVA, Bankruptcy and Other Debt Solutions. He continues to write widely on the subject of individual voluntary arrangements, debt management plans and bankruptcy.

You can find James’ book here: IVA, Bankruptcy and Other Debt Solutions