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I can not pay my mortgage how can I avoid repossession

Can you avoid repossession by cutting back your living expenses? How to avoid repossession by reducing your unsecured debt payments.

How will a VAT increase affect my DMP

Will a VAT increase affect your Debt management Plan? Will it mean you need to start a DMP? How to prepare for a VAT increase.

OFT clamps down on doorstep lenders

The Office of Fair Trading has ordered more than 50 doorstep lenders to improve standards or face action.

Can I have a Debit Card in a Debt Management Plan?

You are allowed a debit card while in a Debt Management Plan. How to get a debit card. What if your credit rating is poor? Pre paid debit cards.

Office of Fair Trading warns against using loan sharks

The Office of Fair Trading is warning people not to go to loan sharks to raise cash for presents and festivities.

Six million people borrow to pay for Christmas spending

Almost six million people have borrowed money to pay for Christmas spending. What to do if you are struggling with debt after Christmas.

Can I reduce my IVA Payments?

Living expenses are gradually increasing as the cost of essential items such as food and petrol go up. With VAT due to increase in January we investigate whether IVA payments can be reduced to compensate.

Customers of debt firm Chase Saunders targeted in scam

Former debt management customers of Chase Saunders, the Manchester-based debt solutions company which went into liquidation in August this year, are apparently being targeted in a new scam.

Should Personal Debt be more strictly controlled?

Is access to personal debt important? Should bank lending be more restricted? Should individuals take greater responsibility for their finances?