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Is starting a DMP before an IVA a good idea?

You do not have to use a DMP before starting an IVA. When is it best to start a DMP first? Are there any downsides of starting DMP before an IVA?

My DMP is not working what can I do?

You do have options if your DMP is not working. Can you change your payments or management company? Is there a more suitable debt solution for you?

Can an Attachment of Earnings be included in an IVA?

An attachment of earnings can be included in an IVA. What is attachment of earnings? Why can an IVA help? What happens the the debt when your IVA starts?

Could choosing an IVA over bankruptcy be a costly mistake?

Number of people with debt problems increases in Q2 2013. Bankruptcy numbers fall. Are people avoiding Bankruptcy due to the upfront cost. Is this a mistake?

What happens if my house is repossessed during my IVA?

Cases of home repossession during an IVA are rare but possible. Can any mortgage shortfall be included in the IVA? Would it be better to go Bankrupt?

Move House in an IVA

Is it possible to move house in an IVA? Moving to a new rented property. Can you sell your house and buy a new one? Could you buy your first home?

What is counted as income if I go Bankrupt?

How is income calculated in Bankruptcy? Is your partner’s income included? What if you are receiving benefits or a pension? What if your income changes?

What will I be left to live on if I go Bankrupt?

You will be allowed a reasonable living expenses budget in Bankruptcy. Do you still control your money? How can you pay your expenses? Must you pay your debt?

10 facts about Bankruptcy that will keep you up at night

Is bankruptcy a suitable debt solution for you? Paying a bankruptcy fee. Will you lose your home, personal possessions, pension or your job if you go bankrupt?