How long does it take to set up an IVA

How long does an IVA application take? When do you get protection from creditors? What can you tell them in the mean time? How to speed up the process.

What happens to overtime during an IVA?

What happens to regular overtime during an IVA? Can you keep a one off overtime payment? Will doing overtime mean your IVA is paid early?

The Allowable Living Expenses in an IVA

Why is your IVA living expenses budget important? What are the allowable living expenses amounts? What if you spend more?

IVA Living Expenses Guide

A comprehensive guide detailing the living expenses allowed in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement. Get a free copy of our IVA living expenses guide.

Can you go on Holiday during an IVA

Are you allowed to go on holiday during an IVA? What options do you have to pay for the holiday? Can a holiday be funded with a Payment Break?

What Paperwork is required to start an IVA?

The paperwork required for an IVA. Do you need a written home valuation? Does your partner have to provide any paperwork?

Can you Leave Debt Out of an IVA

Do all your debts have to be included in an IVA? Is it ever possible to leave debts out? If you owe money to family can this be left out?

How to start an IVA

What you have to do to start an IVA. Completing your Statement of Affairs and drafting your proposal. How is the IVA agreed and when do payments begin?

Apply for an IVA

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