Can I stop a Charging Order with a DMP

Starting a DMP will normally mean creditors will not apply for a Charging Order. Can they still apply during the Plan? What if an Order is already in place?

How can a Charging Order Application be stopped?

A final Charging Order will be issued at a Court Hearing. Arguments which can be used at the Hearing to prevent a Charging Order from being issued.

Can interest be added to a Charging Order?

It may be possible to add interest to a Charging Order debt. When can interest be added? How to reduce or stop interest if it is being added.

How is a Charging Order issued?

A CCJ must first be issued before a Charging Order can be applied for. What is an interim Charge? How to stop a Charging Order application.

Minimum debt level for Charging Orders introduced

What is the risk of being forced to sell your home after a charging order is issued? New minimum debt level before Order for Sale application allowed.

HMRC to increase the use of Charging Orders

HMRC to increase its use of Charging Orders to recover tax debt. When would HMRC apply? What is the affect on your property? How to avoid Charging Orders.

Increased threat of Charging Orders after rules change

The Charging Order application process has become easier. Are home owners more at risk? Will a DMP protect against Charging Orders? How to protect your home.

Can I stop a charging order with an IVA?

An IVA can protect your home from a Charging Order. Are current applications suspended? What if the charging order is already in place?

Can I sell my property once a Charging Order is issued?

It is possible to sell your home after a Charge has been issued. What if there is not enough equity to pay the Charge? Can you be forced to sell your home?