How fast can I go bankrupt

Is the bankruptcy application process fast? When will creditors and bailiffs stop chasing you? What happens after you are bankrupt?

Should I wait for my creditors to make me Bankrupt

Will your creditors make you Bankrupt? Is it better to do it yourself? Which creditors are likely to take this action against you?

Insider tips – How to go Bankrupt

Essential tips on how to go Bankrupt. Should you sell your car beforehand? Do you need to change your bank account? Will you have to make ongoing payments?

Living Expenses Allowances for Bankruptcy

Why is your bankruptcy living expenses budget important? The recommended living expenses. What if you spend more? What if your children are over 18?

Jointly owned house and Bankruptcy

Is a jointly owned house at risk in Bankruptcy? What happens to your equity? What if there is negative equity? Can the OR force the house to be sold?

Can you protect your belongings from Bankruptcy

Can you give away your car before going bankrupt? What about your property? Can you protect your belongings by hiding them?

Can I stop paying my IVA and declare myself Bankrupt?

Can you stop paying an IVA and go Bankrupt? When is bankruptcy a better option? Will you lose the IVA payments you have already made?

The Official Receiver

What does the Official Receiver (OR) do? What happens in your interview with them? What paperwork will they ask you for? What if you don’t cooperate?

Who can make you Bankrupt?

Can anyone make you Bankrupt? Are your creditors likely to take this action? Will HMRC petition for your bankruptcy? Is it better to go Bankrupt yourself?