Can I stop paying my IVA and declare myself Bankrupt?

Can I stop paying the IVA and go Bankrupt. Is Bankruptcy a good alternative to an IVA? What happens to money already paid into the IVA?

Protecting assets and belongings in Bankruptcy

Are normal household items at risk in Bankruptcy. Protecting assets like your car or house so they are not involved? Is hiding assets a criminal offence?

Who can make you Bankrupt?

Can anyone make you Bankrupt? Are your creditors likely to take this action? Will HMRC petition for your bankruptcy? Is it better to go Bankrupt yourself?

Insider tips on how to go Bankrupt

Essential tips for going Bankrupt. Options for your car. Opening a new bank account. Advice about your home. How to complete your living expenses budget.

Should I wait for my creditors to make me Bankrupt?

It is unlikely that your creditors will make you Bankrupt. Are there any that will? Is it best to start the process yourself? How to pay for Bankruptcy.

Is it possible to go Bankrupt after I have started an IVA?

You can allow your IVA to fail and go bankrupt. Is it possible to save your IVA? How to let it fail. What happens to money paid? The effect on your property.

Bankruptcy Applications to be moved On Line

New rules pave way for on line Bankruptcy applications. Will Court a appearance still be required? Will Bankruptcy costs reduce? When will change happen?

Westlife singer Shane Filan declared Bankrupt

Westlife band member Shane Fillan has gone Bankrupt. How to go bankrupt in the UK if you have debt in Ireland.

How do I pay for the cost of going Bankrupt?

Options for paying the Bankruptcy Court fees. How to save the fee. Can you borrow the fee? Could you downsize your car to pay for bankruptcy?