Company Director and IVA

Can you do an IVA if you are a company director? What happens to company debts? How will your company be affected? Alternative debt solutions for directors.

Stop your DMP and Start an IVA

Should you stop your DMP and start an IVA? Will your debts be paid faster? Will your monthly payment change? What happens to your home and credit rating?

My Partner and an IVA

Does your partner have to pay your debts if you start an IVA? How is joint property affected? What of you have joint debts? Can you still pay your partner’s debts?

Tax Credits Overpayments and an IVA

Can tax credits overpayments be included in an IVA? Will HMRC accept the proposal? What if the overpayments are in joint names? Is an IVA the best solution for tax credits overpayments?

Will an IVA stop a Bailiff?

When is a bailiff used? Can you include a bailiff debt in an IVA? What can you do while your IVA is being implemented?

Is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement possible on benefits?

You can do an IVA if you are receiving benefits. What if you are working as well? What if your only income is benefits? Can your partner help you pay?

Will a property I own abroad be included if I carry out an IVA?

Property you own abroad is affected by an IVA? Is income from the property included? Is any equity at risk? What if you do not disclose the property?

Can I include rent arrears in an IVA?

An IVA can help resolve a rent rent arrears problem. Can arrears from your current property be included? Will arrears from a previous property be written off?

Can I start an IVA for just £100 a month?

An IVA can now be started based on payments of £100 a month. Why will creditors agree? Is a £100 IVA better then DMP? Would Bankruptcy be a better option?