Reasonable Housekeeping Budget for a DMP

Housekeeping budget guidelines for a Debt Management Plan. What if you spend more than the recommended amounts. Can you include children over 18?

Does my partner have to pay if I start a DMP?

Your partner does not have to pay into your DMP. Is their income taken into account? Can they help you pay? What happens to joint debts? Must you tell them?

Should I delay starting a DMP if I am planning to move home?

Should you postpone your DMP if you plan to move. What if you want to rent? Should you delay if you want to buy? What if your credit rating is already poor?

Set Up a Debt Management Plan Yourself

How to set up a Debt Management Plan yourself. How much to pay each creditor. How to negotiate with them. When to start making your payments.

Is starting a DMP before an IVA a good idea?

You do not have to use a DMP before starting an IVA. When is it best to start a DMP first? Are there any downsides of starting DMP before an IVA?

The Debt Management Protocol

What is the Debt Management Protocol? What standards has it introduced? Are they mandatory? Will the introduction of the Protocol be effective?

What Paperwork is required to start a Debt Management Plan?

Paperwork is normally required to start a Debt Management Plan? What paperwork do you need if you manage the Plan? What if you use a debt management company?

Can I have a bank account if I start a Debt Management Plan?

Is it essential to have a bank account if you start a Debt Management Plan? Can you keep your old account? How to open a new one.

Should I pay for a Debt Management Plan or use a free service?

Is it worth paying for a Debt Management Plan? Information about free DMP services. The benefits of paying for a DMP service.

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