Tax debt – Is an IVA or Bankruptcy best

Can tax debt be included in an IVA? Is this debt written off if you go bankrupt? What about using a debt management plan?

Can HMRC debt be included in a Debt Management Plan

Will HMRC agree to a Debt Management Plan? Can you leave tax debt out of your Plan? What alternative solutions are available?

Tax Credits Overpayments and an IVA

Can tax credits overpayments be included in an IVA? Will HMRC accept the proposal? What if the overpayments are in joint names? Is an IVA the best solution for tax credits overpayments?

Can HMRC Debt be included Bankruptcy

Can you write off HMRC tax debt if you go Bankrupt. What about tax credit over payments? Implications for Company Directors and Sole Traders.

Can HMRC debt be included in an IVA

Will HMRC accept your IVA? Does the reason for your tax debt affect the decision? What if you are a home owner? Options if HMRC reject your IVA.

HMRC to increase the use of Charging Orders

HMRC to increase its use of Charging Orders to recover tax debt. When would HMRC apply? What is the affect on your property? How to avoid Charging Orders.

Can I add a tax debt to a Debt Management Plan?

It is difficult to include tax debts in a Debt Management Plan. Can you negotiate a separate payment plan? Should you start a different debt solution?

What happens if I get a tax bill while in an IVA

Can a new tax bill be added to an existing IVA? Is it sensible to start an IVA if you get a Tax Bill?