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Christmas costs mounting up

Christmas costs mounting up

Hi all,

Sorry I haven’t blogged a lot lately. The firm I work for have been really busy lately so I have been working extra hours, which is lucky because CHRISTMAS IS KILLING ME this year ;-)

I guess it is true that no matter what you earn life has a way of spending it all (and more). Anyway, it makes me glad that I am sticking with the debt management plan at the moment because I am free to earn a little bit more at this time of year so I can afford all the extras at Xmas. Sometime I wonder if I should have done an IVA so some of my debt could be wiped out but I like the flexibility of the DMP.

It’s review time in January so that’s something to look forward to…not! ;-)

If I don’t blog again before, have a great Christmas and New Year, keep smiling and keep paying down the debts!

TW :)

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