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Can a budget for pets be included in a Debt Management Plan?

A budget for pet expenses can be included in a Debt Management Plan. What expenses are reasonable? What if you need to spend more on your pets?

How much can be included for pets in IVA living expenses?

You can include a budget for the cost of keeping pets in your IVA living expenses. What are the allowable expenses? What of your pets cost more?

Is Bankruptcy advertised in the newspaper?

Bankruptcy is not generally advertised in the newspaper. When did this rule change? Where is Bankruptcy recorded? Who is likely to find out?

Household debt increases despite job fears

Household debt has shot up at the fastest pace since the recession as cash-strapped Britons borrow to fund their spending in the run-up to Christmas, a survey has indicated.

Debt management advice company closed

A debt advice business has gone into liquidation after suffering a drop in take-up by IPs for its IVA cases.

Free credit reports for all closer to reality

Callcredit has successfully trialled out Noddle, its free credit report service

House repossession warning for 2012

Rising unemployment and increased pressure on household budgets will lead to more borrowers falling behind on their mortgages and getting repossessed in 2012, mortgage lenders have forecast.

Prevent personal debt with better financial management

One in four consumers is in urgent need of a financial plan if they are to avoid falling into debt in 2012, the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) has warned.

Important Debt Management Plan questions answered

Answers to key questions: Which debts are included? Can you change management companies? Affect on your bank account. Cost. What happens to joint debts?