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Is an IVA really as good as it sounds?

Is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement a good debt solution? Potential benefits and downsides of an IVA. Is this solution for everyone?

Bankruptcy Applications to be moved On Line

New rules pave way for on line Bankruptcy applications. Will Court a appearance still be required? Will Bankruptcy costs reduce? When will change happen?

Number going Bankrupt continues to fall in 2012

Bankruptcy figures are still on the decline in Q3 2012. Does the cost of Bankruptcy put people off? Future predictions for Bankruptcy levels.

Increased threat of Charging Orders after rules change

The Charging Order application process has become easier. Are home owners more at risk? Will a DMP protect against Charging Orders? How to protect your home.

Christmas Spending – Tips to avoid debts & costs this Xmas

Avoid getting into debt this Christmas. Tips on keeping your spending under control. How to set a Christmas spending budget and stick to it.

I cannot pay my rent – What are my options?

What options are available for those who can not pay their rent? Try reducing living costs. Checking your eligibility for benefits. Reduce your debt payments.

How to become Debt Free

Ways to become debt free. Understanding your budget and living expenses. Managing your budget. How to make savings. Use a Debt Management solution.

Can debt be written off with a DMP?

Debt is not automatically written off in a DMP. It can be settled if you pay a lump sum. How much can be written off. When is the best time to make an offer?

Debt Forgiveness – is it possible to write off my debts?

Is debt forgiveness possible. Will your creditors agree to write off debt for you? Which debt solutions help you write off debt?