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Will HMRC Accept my IVA

Can HMRC debt be included in an IVA? Does the reason for the debt affect the decision? What if you are a home owner? Options if HMRC reject your IVA.

What happens if I get an inheritance while in an IVA

Will getting inheritance affect your Individual Voluntary Agreement? Can I pay off my IVA if I receive a large inheritance? Can I keep some of the money?

Stop your DMP and Start an IVA

Should you stop your DMP and start an IVA? Will your debts be paid faster? Will your monthly payment change? What happens to your home and credit rating?

Company Director and Bankruptcy

Can a company director go bankrupt? Are the company credit facilities affected? What if the company also has debt? Run your business as a sole trader.

Can I pay off a debt before going bankrupt

Making preferential payments in Bankruptcy? Can I pay family first? When is a payment not preferential? Consolidating debts before Bankruptcy?