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Can I travel abroad if I am bankrupt?

Can I travel abroad if I am bankrupt?

If you have been declared bankrupt in England and Wales there is nothing to stop you from travelling abroad during your bankruptcy.

If you want to travel abroad for a holiday or any other reason there will be no problem with this as long as you are able to pay for the cost of the trip without using credit. If a third party would like to pay for the holiday on your behalf then there is nothing to stop you travelling.

Generally speaking  you do not need to inform the Official Receiver (OR) that you will be travelling abroad as long as you are not leaving for an extended period. If you are planning to travel for an extended period you must always inform the OR before leaving and let them know how to get in touch with you if necessary.

Your OR needs to be able to get in contact with you while you are bankrupt. If they cannot do so after reasonable attempts then a warrant may be issued for your arrest. As such if you know you will be out of the country for a long period you should inform the OR and let them know how they can contact you.

You must also remember that you must still inform the OR about changes in your income even though you are no longer in the UK.

Can I travel abroad if I am bankrupt in Northern Ireland?

If you are bankrupt in Northern Ireland there are certain restrictions put on you regarding travelling abroad. If you wish to travel abroad you will first need to apply to the High Court in Belfast to leave the court jurisdiction. The application costs £130 and will normally be approved if your official receiver has no objection.

Generally speaking if you are travelling for a day trip or a short holiday you should mention this to your Official Receiver (OR) before you travel and they will not require you to apply to the High Court. However if you plan to leave the county for a longer period for example to work in a different country you will need to make the application. In this case it is always sensible to get written agreement from the OR first which you can submit with your application to the court.

Of course once you are discharged from your bankruptcy these travel restrictions no longer apply to you.

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