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If I am in an IVA do I have to make a PPI claim?

If I am in an IVA do I have to make a PPI claim?

If you are currently in an IVA you may be required to make a PPI claim. Any compensation subsequently awarded will normally have to be paid into the Arrangement.

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Can you be forced to make a PPI Claim during your IVA?

During an IVA you may be asked by your Insolvency Practitioner (IP) to make a PPI claim against your creditors. If this happens you will have to agree to the request.

The reason is that one of your obligations is to co-operate with your IP to maximise the amount you pay back to your creditors. Making PPI claims which might increase the money paid into the agreement clearly falls within this requirement.

If you do not co-operate your IP could withhold your Completion Certificate at end of the Arrangement. As a worst case they could treat the issue as a reason to fail it altogether.

If you are asked by your Insolvency Practitioner to make a PPI claim during your IVA you must give your authorisation for the claims to go ahead.

What happens to any PPI Compensation paid during your IVA?

If you receive compensation as the result of a PPI claim during your IVA it must be paid into the Arrangement. This is because it is a windfall. More often than not the bank will pay the money direct to your IP.

Where the amount of compensation you receive is less than £500 then you might be able to keep it. However this will depend on the terms of your Arrangement.

You might be allowed to keep some of the cash if you are suffering a period of particular hardship or have a financial emergency. However this will have to be agreed with your IP.

If you are paid PPI compensation directly at any time during your IVA you must inform your IVA Company. If you spend the money without their consent this could lead to the failure of your Arrangement.

Do you have to claim if you did not have PPI?

You may believe that you were not mis sold PPI. Perhaps you do not remember ever taking out the insurance or if you did you do not believe there was any mis selling involved.

In these circumstances you should still co-operate with your IP. If they ask you to make claims you have nothing to lose and you cannot then be accused of not co-operating.

Even if you believe you were never mis sold it is possible that you were and do not realise it. It will cost you nothing to find out and it may mean your creditors receive more of their money back.

Are you allowed to keep Compensation paid after your IVA?

After you have finished your monthly payments your IVA does not officially end until you have received your Completion Certificate. During this interim period any windfalls you receive still have to be paid into the Arrangement.

As such if PPI compensation is awarded after you have made your final payment but before you have your Certificate it must still be handed over.

Your IVA Company may delay the issue of your Completion Certificate for this reason. If you feel this is the case threatening to make a formal complaint against them may speed up the process.

2 thoughts on “If I am in an IVA do I have to make a PPI claim?

  1. Ghazala says:

    Hi ,

    I am in an iva for 10 months. I was aproached by a law firm that they are working with arperture my iva company. They claimed ppi on my behalf. I did not appoint them, they aproached me saying they work alongside with arperture.

    Now a ppi has been claimed, they want 20 percent + vat. It’s ludicrous. It’s a con

    1. Hi Ghazala

      IVA companies like Aperture would always appoint a third party company to investigate whether you had any PPI compensation due. If you are in an IVA you have to co-operate with this request. You do not have a choice.

      If the company is successful and PPI is awarded then they will charge a fee. In your case this is 20% + VAT. This fee comes out of the compensation. You will not have to pay it yourself. The remainder is paid into the IVA. However Aperture as the supervisor of the case can then take a further 15% of this towards their supervisory fee. The remainder is paid towards your debt.

      I understand that this does not seem right. However at the end of the day you are in an IVA and any extra funds like this would have to be paid into the arrangement anyway. You do not benefit either way regardless of the fees taken.

      Note. If the start date of your IVA is after 29th August 2019 you no longer have to worry about your IVA company wanting to claim for PPI. No further PPI claims can be made after this date.

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