Can a CCJ be included in an IVA

Can an existing CCJ be included in an IVA? Are you protected against future CCJs? What happens to an Attachment of Earnings? Is a Charging Order overturned?

Can I Change my IVA Company?

Is it possible to change your IVA company? Can you stop your IVA if you are unhappy? Start a new IVA with a different company. What about other solutions?

Will my Creditors Accept an IVA?

Why will Creditors accept your IVA? Do they all have to agree? When do Debt Collection actions stop? What if your IVA is not accepted?

What is the IVA Register?

The IVA Register explained. Who can view the Register. When is your name added? What details about you are available? How long will you remain on the Register?

How long does an IVA last?

How long will a standard monthly payment IVA last? Can the length increase? Is an IVA paid faster if the payments go up? Can the agreement be settled early?

Can you Save during an IVA

Is saving allowed in an IVA? How to save during the Arrangement. Is it better to increase your IVA payment? What if you have no savings in an emergency?

Can you go on Holiday during an IVA?

Are you allowed to go on holiday during an IVA? What options do you have to pay for the holiday? Can a holiday be funded with a Payment Break?