I have Moved Abroad can I do an IVA?

The criteria for starting an IVA after moving abroad. Do you have to return to the UK to apply? Affect on local credit rating. Could you ignore the debt?

Can you Save during an IVA

Is saving allowed in an IVA? How to save during the Arrangement. Is it better to increase your IVA payment? What if you have no savings in an emergency?

Can you leave debts out of an IVA?

Do all your debts have to be included in an IVA? Is it ever possible to leave debts out? If you owe money to family can this be left out?

If Self Employed can you do an IVA?

Is an IVA available if you are self employed? What if the business has just started? Is the bank account affected? Can you use any credit facilities?

Can you go on Holiday during an IVA?

Are you allowed to go on holiday during an IVA? What options do you have to pay for the holiday? Can a holiday be funded with a Payment Break?