What is the IVA Register?

The IVA Register explained. Who can view the Register. When is your name added? What details about you are available? How long will you remain on the Register?

What happens to Overtime during an IVA?

What happens to regular overtime during an IVA? Can you keep one off overtime payments? Will overtime mean the IVA is paid early? What if you get a bonus?

Can I get a Mortgage during an IVA?

Is it possible to get a Mortgage during an IVA? Can you release equity to settle early? Can homeowners move house? Could you buy your first property?

What happens if my IVA is Rejected?

Why would an IVA be rejected? If this happens will you be forced to go Bankrupt? Can you make a different IVA Proposal? What are the alternative options?

What happens to my Pension in an IVA?

Is your Pension at risk if you start an IVA? Can you still pay into it? What happens to income you already get? Settling an IVA early with your pension.

Can we do a Joint IVA?

What is a Joint IVA. Do both partner’s creditors have to agree? Is a Joint IVA always right for a couple? What if you split up during the Arrangement?

How long does an IVA last?

How long will a standard monthly payment IVA last? Can the length increase? Is an IVA paid faster if the payments go up? Can the agreement be settled early?