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Will HMRC accept my IVA?

HMRC do accept IVAs and write off tax debt. What criteria will you have to meet so HMRC will agree? What are your options if HMRC reject your IVA?

Mortgage lenders to tell families to cut back

More than 30,000 home owners will be told to spend less on nights out, Sky television, gym membership and mobile phones so they can concentrate on paying back their mortgage.

Are you unnecessarily paying a PPI claims firm?

Consumer groups and banks are urging those who have not lodged a PPI claim to do so themselves and avoid falling into the claims management trap.

Focus on financial planning to avoid debt

A survey by Skipton Building Society has found that the average Briton doesn’t start taking their financial future really seriously until they reach the age of 34.

Beware the cost of going back to school

Parents will spend £27m more than they did in 2010 on new school items for their kids, a survey says

Can an IVA help if I am struggling to pay my rent?

An IVA can help if you are struggling to pay your rent. How will it help you pay your rent? Can an IVA help with existing rent arrears?

Pensioners forced to borrow from families to pay debt

The number of pensioners relying on financial assistance from family members has more than doubled to a quarter of a million since last year because of rising inflation.

Barclays expects PPI complaints to rise

Barclays Bank is expecting complaints about loan insurance to continue rising after a 93% increase in the first half of the year.

Those with no savings more likely to get into debt

Five million UK households are vunerable to debt because they have such low levels of savings