What will happen to my DMP if I miss payments

What will creditors do if you miss payments from your debt management plan? How will your DMP company react? Will your plan be extended?

Can I change my DMP payment?

Can I change my DMP payment? Do I have to pay more if I can afford to? Will creditors let me reduce the payment?What if I can no longer pay anything?

The minimum payment for a DMP

What is the minimum payment for a DMP? Can you increase the payment once agreed? What if you cannot afford the minimum? What are the other options?

What happens to overtime or extra income in a DMP

Can you keep overtime during a DMP? Should you increase your monthly payments? Using a lump sum during your DMP to settle smaller debts.

What happens if my Circumstances Change during a DMP?

It is likely that your circumstances will change during your Debt Management Plan. What if your finances get better? What can you do if they get worse?

How much will my Debt Management Plan Payments be?

DMP payments are based on what you can afford. How this is calculated? Should you pay as much as you can? What if your creditors reject your payments?