Can you pay your IVA early by making bigger payments

What happens if you make bigger IVA payments? Do you have to increase your payments if you can? How can you pay an IVA early?

Can I do an IVA if I cannot afford monthly payments?

Can I do an IVA with no monthly payments? What is the minimum payment for an IVA? Can payments start lower and then increase? What about lump sums?

Can my IVA Payments Increase

Is it possible for your IVA payments to increase? What happens if your income goes up? What if your living expenses fall? Can IVA payments ever go down?

Can I reduce my IVA Payments?

Are you allowed to reduce your IVA payments? When is this possible? What is the likely impact? What can you do if your payments cannot be reduced?

How much will my IVA Payments be

How much do you have to pay into an IVA? What is the minimum you can pay? Are your IVA payments fixed? What if you cannot maintain the payments?

Are Individual Voluntary Arrangement payments fixed?

Individual Voluntary Arrangement payments can change. How will payments change if your income or living expenses change? Can IVA payments be extended?

Can I change my IVA payments?

If you start an individual voluntary arrangement we consider your options if you feel unable to live within the agreed expenditure budget and you are struggling to maintain your monthly payments.