I have mortgage arrears what can I do

How can debt management help pay mortgage arrears? Can your lender reduce your payments? What happens if you simply can’t pay your mortgage?

Can’t pay my mortgage after my payment break ends

Options if you can’t pay your mortgage after the coronavirus payment break. How can your lender help? Reduce other debt payments to free cash

Can’t pay my mortgage, will an IVA help

An IVA can help if you cannot pay your mortgage. Will it be easier to make the mortgage payments? How is your home protected? Do you have to release equity?

Write off a Mortgage Shortfall by going Bankrupt

What is a mortgage shortfall? Can it be included in bankruptcy? How to write off a shortfall by going Bankrupt. Should you sign a Deed of Assignment?

How will I pay my mortgage if interest rates rise?

When will interest rates go up? How to prepare for higher mortgage payments. Options for paying your mortgage by reducing payments to other debts.

How can I start voluntary house repossession

What is voluntary repossession? How to carry out voluntary repossession. How to deal with any mortgage shortfall after voluntary repossession of a property

Debts mean I am struggling to pay the mortgage

You must not pay unsecured debts over your Mortgage. If you do not pay your mortgage your home could be repossessed. Debt management options which will help.

Voluntary Repossession

When should you consider the voluntarily repossession of your home? What is the process and its implications? Should you sign a Deed of Acknowledgement?

Can I include my mortgage debt if I go Bankrupt?

Mortgage debt is not normally included in Bankruptcy. How is your mortgage paid? Is your house at risk? Can a mortgage shortfall be included?