Is my house affected by a debt management plan

Do you have to sell your house or release equity in a DMP? Is your mortgage affected? Can your creditors secure debt against your property?

Home repossessed – Options for managing a mortgage shortfall

After a property is repossessed, can you pay a mortgage shortfall with a debt management plan or IVA? Will going bankrupt write off the debt?

Will I have to release home equity in a DMP

Will I have to release home equity in a DMP. Is my home equity safe from creditors. How can i best use my equity. Is a long DMP worth it?

Will I lose my equity if I go Bankrupt

What happens to my equity in bankruptcy? What if the equity is jointly owned? Can I avoid losing my home? What are alternatives?

How will a CCJ affect my home

What happens if you are a home owner and get a County Court Judgement (CCJ)? Will you then get a Charging Order? How will a Charging Order affect your property?

Can you rent a property when you are Bankrupt

Will your Landlord be told if you go Bankrupt? What if your rent increases? Can you move to a different rented property if you need to?

What happens to my House if I go Bankrupt?

Can you remain in your house after you go bankrupt? What happens if there is no equity? What if there is equity? How to buy back your financial interest

Bankruptcy – I have equity, is my home at risk?

Is your home at risk if you have equity and go bankrupt? What if the amount is small? What if the total equity is large? What if house prices change?

How can a Charging Order Application be stopped?

A final Charging Order will be issued at a Court Hearing. Arguments which can be used at the Hearing to prevent a Charging Order from being issued.