Options if you have lost your job during an IVA

Lost your job during your IVA? Can you reduce your payments? Could you settle the IVA early? Is changing to a different solution an option?

Made redundant during a Debt Management Plan

What can you do if you are made redundant during a DMP? Can you reduce your payments? Settle debt with redundancy money? Consider a different solution?

What happens if I am made redundant in an IVA

Options if you are made redundant during an IVA? Can it be settled early? What if you don’t get redundancy pay? What if a partner loses their job?

Redundancy in an IVA or DMP

How to save your IVA or DMP after redundancy with a payment holiday or reducing your payments. Can you just allow your plan to fail and go Bankrupt?

Long Term Unemployed and in Debt

Options for managing debt if long term unemployed. Can you settle your debt with a lump sum? Which debt solution should you consider using?

Short Term Unemployed and in Debt

Options for managing debt if short term unemployed. Should you borrow more? Can you use a short term Debt Management Plan. What if your new wages are lower?

Unemployment and Debt

What are your options for dealing with debt if you lose your job? Managing debts if you are short or long term unemployed. Redundancy during IVA or DMP.

What to do if unemployment leaves you unable to pay debt

There are options for resolving debt if you are unemployed. Start a Debt Management Plan? What about Bankruptcy? Can you settle debt with redundancy money

What to do if you are going to be made Redundant

How can you prepare for being made redundant? What are your rights? What are your options if you will not be able to pay your debts?