What if I get a pay rise during my Debt Management Plan

Do you have to increase your payments after getting a pay rise? Can you save the extra money? Could you change to a different solution?

Can I save while in a Debt Management Plan

Saving in a DMP is allowed but how do you do it? How much can you save? Should you increase your payments rather than save?

Options if you can’t pay your DMP

Can’t pay your DMP? Take a payment break. Reduce your payments. Stop your debt management plan and go bankrupt

What happens to a Windfall during a DMP

What is a windfall? Can you keep any windfall received during the Plan? Could you use it to settle your Plan early?

Options if your Debt Management Company has closed

If your Debt Management Company has closed what happens to the money you paid to them? Do you still have to pay your debts? Should you start a new Plan?

How long will a Debt Management Plan last

How to calculate how long your Debt Management Plan will last. Could the Plan last longer? How to pay off your Plan more quickly.

Can I change from a DMP to an IVA?

Can you stop your Debt Management Plan if it is not working? How easy is it to change to an IVA? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the IVA?

Can I pay off a Debt Management Plan early

Are you allow to pay off a Debt Management Plan early? What is the best way to do it? Do all your debts have to be paid at the same time?

New Car during a Debt Management Plan

Can you buy a new car during a Debt Management Plan. How to get a vehicle loan. Can you reduce or suspend your payments to pay for a new car?