Can my IVA Payments Increase

Your IVA payments can change if your circumstances change. What if my pay increases or decreases? What if I lose my job? What if my living expenses change?

Can I reduce my IVA Payments?

Can I reduce my IVA payments?
When is this possible? What is the impact of reducing payments? Other options?

Inheritance during an IVA

How is inheritance treated in an IVA? Can I keep some of my inheritance? Could my IVA finish early? Should I delay my IVA?

Can you settle an IVA early?

How to settle an IVA early. How much cash will you require? Can you borrow the money you need? Is it possible to use a windfall to settle an IVA?

Stop your IVA and go Bankrupt

Can you stop your IVA and go Bankrupt? What are the implications of bankruptcy? What if you are a home owner? What happens to money already paid into the IVA?

The affect of PPI on the length of an IVA

Will PPI claims reduce the length of an IVA? Could claims extend the length? Do you have to make PPI claims during an IVA? Claiming after IVA completed.

I am still waiting for my IVA Completion Certificate

How long should you have to wait before you get your IVA Completion Certificate? Have you been given an invalid reason for the delay? What can you do?

I am in an IVA but my IVA company is refusing to add a new debt

Are there alternatives to adding a new debt to an IVA? Can new debt be repaid alongside an IVA? Is a payment break possible? Can I let my IVA fail and restart?

What can I do if I have taken a Payday loan during my IVA?

Options if you have borrowed a new Payday loan during your IVA. Can you add the loan? How could a payment holiday help? How to avoid borrowing during an IVA.