Can I cancel my Creditfix IVA

How do you legally cancel your Creditfix IVA? Will Creditfix make you bankrupt? What are your options after your IVA is cancelled?

Cancel my IVA and pay the debts myself

Is it legally possible to cancel an IVA? How much debt will you still have to pay? Can you pay off the debt yourself?

Can I change my IVA company

If you are unhappy can you just stop your IVA? Can you start a new IVA with a different company? Can you change to a different debt solution?

Coronavirus – Can’t pay my IVA

What can you do if coronavirus means you can’t pay your IVA? Suspend your payments. Make reduced payments. Change to a different debt solution.

What happens if I get a new debt during my IVA

If you get a new debt during an IVA there are different options. Pay it off with a payment break. Add it to the Arrangement. Cancel IVA and start again.

Can you add debt to an existing IVA?

Can forgotten debts be added to an existing IVA? Can you add a brand new debt to the Arrangement? How to find out who you owe money to.

IVA Annual Review

What is an IVA Annual Review? The paperwork you will be asked for. What if your income has increased? What if you cannot afford your payment?

Can I get a Mortgage during an IVA

Is it possible to get a Mortgage in an IVA? Could you buy your first property? Can you settle your IVA early by releasing equity? Can you move house?

My IVA is failing, what can I do?

What can you do if your IVA is failing? Should you take a payment holiday? Can your payments be reduced? What are the options if your IVA fails?