Who will Find Out about my Debt Management Plan?

Who is told you have started a Debt Management Plan? Does your Bank have to be involved? Will your employer find out? Do you have to tell your landlord or mortgage company?

I Live Abroad – Can I do a Debt Management Plan?

Can you start a Debt Management Plan if you live abroad. Can you get help to set up the Plan? The affect on your local credit rating. Is using a DMP better than ignoring the debt?

Will Creditors Agree to a Debt Management Plan?

Your creditors do not have to agree to your Debt Management Plan (DMP). What can you do if one of your creditors says no? Will interest and charges be frozen?

Telling my Partner about a Debt Management Plan

Do you have to tell your Partner about a DMP? Do you have to tell creditors about a Partner’s income? What if you have joint debts? Could your partner find out?

The affect of a DMP if you live in a rented home

How will a Debt Management Plan affect your home if you are renting? How will your landlord react? Can you rent a different property? Is it the best solution?

If I owe debt to HMRC can I include it in a DMP?

Will HMRC agree to a Debt Management Plan? Can I leave tax debt out of my DMP? Alternative debt solutions where HMRC debt can be included.

What can I do if I cannot pay my CCJ?

Is it possible to reduce your CCJ payments? Can a CCJ be overturned by using a debt solution such as a DMP, IVA or Bankruptcy?

What happens to my House in a Debt Management Plan?

You do not have to release equity if you use a Debt Management Plan (DMP). Can mortgage arrears be included? Is your property at risk of Charging Orders?

How long will my Debt Management Plan last?

Your Debt Management Plan will last until your debts have been paid in full or settled. How to estimate the length of your Plan. How to pay off a DMP early.