Guarantor loan. Is a Debt Management Plan suitable

Can you include a guarantor loan in a debt management plan? Are you allowed to leave it out? Could your guarantor also start a DMP?

What debts can you include in a debt management plan

Types of debts you can include in a DMP. Which can’t be included? Can you choose to leave any out? The minimum amount you have to include.

Can a CCJ be included in a Debt Management Plan

Why is it difficult to add a CCJ to a DMP? Can you pay the debt separately? Are there better debt solutions for dealing with a CCJ?

Should you stay on a long term Debt Management Plan

What can you do if you are in a long term DMP? Is an IVA or Bankruptcy a better option? The Pros and Cons of Debt Management.

Can you write off debt with a Debt Management Plan

Is debt automatically written off in a DMP? How to use a cash lump sum to write off debt. Options for getting a cash lump sum together

The problems with debt management

The problems with Debt Management. How long to pay your debt off? Interest, charges, costs and credit rating? Legal protection for you and your home.

What is the best debt solution

Find out which is the best debt solution for you. Should you start a Debt Management Plan? What about an IVA? Could Bankruptcy be the best option?

Can you Leave Debt Out of a Debt Management Plan

Are you allowed to leave debt out of a DMP? Which debts have to be left out? Can you continue using any credit during the Plan?

Is a Debt Management Plan suitable for you?

Is a Debt Management Plan suitable to solve your debt problem? Can your debts be included? What monthly payment is required? Do you need legal protection?