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James's Blog

  • 05 Aug 2015 Stop your IVA and go Bankrupt
  • Can you stop your IVA and go Bankrupt? What are the implications of bankruptcy? What if you are a home owner? What happens to money already paid into the IVA?

Rambling On's Blog

  • 04 Aug 2015 Bankruptcy 9 Months in
  • Hi there Well it is now 9 months since I went bankrupt. With any luck it is only 3 months until I am discharged……. The time really has passed quickly. So what has been going on? Well I have been paying my income payment agreement of £100 per month on time. My wife and I […]
  • 17 Feb 2015 Meeting with the Official Receiver
  • Hi again So its now over 3 months since I was made Bankrupt. Time really flies and I can honestly say it is the best decision I have ever made. I thought I would write a bit about my meeting with the Official Receiver. That was what I was really worrying about and I expect […]

Sandy's Blog

  • 19 Aug 2015 Living on a budget
  • Hi all Well the first year of my IVA is nearly over. I cannot believe it was September last year when it was accepted. The time has gone really quickly. I am pleased to say that everything has gone really well. I have been making my payments on time and I am certainly feeling less […]
  • 26 Jan 2015 Three months into my IVA
  • With Christmas I have not had a chance to update my Blog here so I thought it was about time I let you know how I am getting on. So my IVA has been running for just over 3 months now and what a relief it is to say the least.  I made my first […]

Treading Water's Blog