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What happens if I am made redundant in an IVA

Options if you are made redundant during an IVA? Can it be settled early? What if you don’t get redundancy pay? What if a partner loses their job?

I Live Abroad – Can I do a Debt Management Plan?

Can you start a Debt Management Plan if you live abroad. Can you get help to set up the Plan? The affect on your local credit rating. Is using a DMP better than ignoring the debt?

Can a Guarantor Loan be Included in an IVA?

Guarantor loans must be included in an IVA. Will the guarantor still have to pay the debt? Think twice before getting a guarantor loan.

Receiving a windfall during Bankruptcy

Can I keep a windfall received while I am bankrupt? Will it mean the bankruptcy ends early? What if I get a windfall after bankruptcy

Do I have to include debt to family in Bankruptcy

Can you still pay back debt owed to family if you go bankrupt? Should you pay them off before hand? Are you still allowed to pay them after your bankruptcy is over? Can family debt be included in bankruptcy?

My Partner and an IVA

Does your partner have to pay your debts if you start an IVA? How is joint property affected? What of you have joint debts? Can you still pay your partner’s debts?

Can I be Responsible for Someone Else’s Debt?

Are you responsible for a spouse or partner’s debt? What if they use debt management? The impact on joint homeowners. Joint debt and personal guarantees.

Tax Credits Overpayments and an IVA

Can tax credits overpayments be included in an IVA? Will HMRC accept the proposal? What if the overpayments are in joint names? Is an IVA the best solution for tax credits overpayments?

CCJ – Can a creditor force me to pay?

How can a creditor enforce a CCJ? Applying for an Attachment of Earnings. Applying for a Charge against your property. How to reduce CCJ payments