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Use of County Court Judgments increasing in 2014

Number of CCJs rises by 100,000 in the first half of 2014. Why is the number increasing? What is the affect of a CCJ? Options if a CCJ is issued against you.

Personal debt problems on the rise in 2014

Personal debt problems in England & Wales are rising in 2014. Why is this happening? More people choosing IVAs. What impact will a rise in interest rates have?

Is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement possible on benefits?

You can do an IVA if you are receiving benefits. What if you are working as well? What if your only income is benefits? Can your partner help you pay?

Does my partner have to pay if I start a DMP?

Your partner does not have to pay into your DMP. Is their income taken into account? Can they help you pay? What happens to joint debts? Must you tell them?

If I am Bankrupt can I move to a new address?

Moving home can be difficult during bankruptcy. Can you buy a property? Can you rent your property out? Options for moving to different rented property.

Can payday loans be included in Bankruptcy?

Payday loans are written off if you go Bankrupt. Is it fraud to include a payday loan? If you take a new payday loan after you go Bankrupt can this be added?

How can Bankruptcy help my family debt problems?

Going bankruptcy could leave you debt free and give your family a fresh start. Is debt written off? Is the family home at risk? How much does it cost?

What can I do if I have taken a Payday loan during my IVA?

Options if you have borrowed a new Payday loan during your IVA. Can you add the loan? How could a payment holiday help? How to avoid borrowing during an IVA.

Is it possible to go Bankrupt while receiving benefits?

Can you go bankrupt while on benefits? Will your debt payments stop? What does it cost if you get benefits? Can you borrow to pay the fee?