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Can I change my IVA to a different solution

Can I change my IVA to a different solution

Can I change my IVA to a different solution

You can change your IVA to a different solution if you feel this solution is no longer right for you. However, before doing so, you need to understand the implications.

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How do you change your IVA to a different solution?

Before you can change to a different debt solution, you first have to stop your IVA. This can be done at any time during the Arrangement.

First, you need to cancel your monthly payment. If you pay via standing order, you can simply cancel this with your bank. However, if the payment is taken from your debit card (known as a continuous payment authority), the best way to stop it is to report the card as lost or stolen.

The bank will cancel the card and issue a new one with a slightly different number. As a result, the continuous payment authority should also be cancelled.

Your IVA company is likely to contact you when they realise you have stopped paying. At this point you can tell them to terminate the agreement. They may try to convince you to keep going but they can’t stop you if your mind is made up.

Now you are ready to start a different debt solution. If you have decided to use a debt management plan you will have to wait until you get a formal termination letter from your IVA company. Your creditors won’t agree a payment plan until you have this.

If you are a home owner, you will need to ensure that the IVA company also removes any restriction they put on the property at the land registry.

How much debt will you still owe after you stop your IVA?

After your IVA is cancelled, you will still owe the total of the debt you had when you started minus whatever has been paid to your creditors.

However, not all of the money you paid into the agreement will have been used to pay off your debt. Your IVA company will have taken some of this to cover the fees and charges it has incurred. As such, it is likely you still more than you think.

It is possible that nothing at all has been paid to your creditors. This is likely to be the case if your payments were £150/mth or less and you were in the Arrangement for less than 2 years,

This situation is quite legal and there is nothing you can do about it. It is simply something you have to accept if you decide to change your IVA to a different solution.

Should you change to a debt management plan?

Changing your IVA to a debt management plan is one of the options you can consider.

This can be a particularly good solution if your income has increased and staying in your IVA would mean you will end up paying more than you originally owed.

Using a debt management plan will also mean you have to repay everything you owe. But if by using this solution, you become debt free faster and more cheaply than staying in your IVA, it is likely to be a sensible option.

It is also a good solution if you are a home owner with equity. This is because your property does not have to be involved.

You can’t change your IVA to a debt management plan until you have confirmation that the Arrangement is terminated from your IVA company.

Should you go bankrupt?

You may be surprised, but changing from an IVA to bankruptcy can be a better option than a debt management plan. This is particularly the case if you live in rented accommodation as your home will not be affected.

Going bankrupt can also really help if your income has fallen and you can’t afford to make further payments towards your debts. Any money you owe will just be written off, and you will not have to make any further monthly payments.

Where you can still afford to pay towards your debt each month, you will still have to do this. But your payments will only last 3 years. This means that if it would take you longer than 3 years to pay off your debt using a debt management plan, going bankrupt is likely to actually save you money.

There is an up front charge to go bankrupt. However, once you have stopped your IVA payments, you will have time to save for this. Your creditors will not start chasing you until you have your IVA is formally terminated which could take 3-6 months or longer.

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